Ikea Patio  Ideas: Rustic Patio  Fire PlacesIf you want your backyard transformed into a plushy extension of your house, try building a patio. A patio can be paved, enclosed, outdoor space, garden backyard and seating areas.  It can be your ideal sanctuary to relax, cook, enjoy, have fun and entertain. Patios have become very popular in this century because of the growing number of the senior members of society who adore these outdoor living spaces.

Its growth is phenomenal that it is rapidly becoming the trend and may eventually be a standard feature to home design and architecture. What is beautiful about patios is the added value it gives to the property.

If your idea of a patio is an enclosed type, the patio’s roof is attached to an adjacent home structure. You can have it with a screened opening. It is fully functional with wall framing, siding, interior wall coverings, windows and doors complete with amenities like coffee tables and chairs or if it is big enough to fit a  dining. You can have built-in grills or BBQ grills, countertops, gas supply lines, sinks, plumbing, fireplaces, stoves and other appliances. Designing a patio to blend with your home is not difficult. There are so many design ideas you can get from the net and architectural books and magazines.

 Patio  Ideas: Rustic Patio  Fire Places

Rustic Fire Places

Depending on the architectural motif of your house and garden, you can blend it with the type of patio you can construct. If you want a natural look, how about a stone patio laid with mortar compound. Stone can be a blue or flagstone.

For a classic and traditional look, your idea for a patio can be a brick style which is easy to install because of its standard size and shape. If you want something unique, the idea of a tile patio can appeal to you like the terra cotta tile and quarry tiles.

The most cost effective type of patio is the concrete being the less expensive. You can create an authentic looking stone, cobblestone, brick or natural materials dyed and stamped with colored concrete mixture.

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Basically, there are various styles, designs and layout for patios. When it comes to patio floorings, you can do it with concrete slabs and pavers or molded bricks. They come in many colors, textures, patterns and shapes. If you want a rough and rustic look, natural materials of fieldstone and weather woods can create that unique aesthetic look. The flooring sets the tone for the patio. Natural dyes can create a vivid and brilliant color of your choice be it faded hues, sun-washed blues, soft greens for a subtle background paving.

Play up whatever style of patio you choose with amenities that will blend to give it a touch of sophistication, elegance, simplicity and attractiveness. Your choice of antique or modern look will determine the kind of furnishings and fixtures.  For accents, it can include arches, gazebos, twining grapevines, lamps, lighting effects, bar stools, baskets with flowers and whatever decors to create the mood and environment you desire. An outdoor fireplace is one idea for a patio that can make it your enjoyable and favorite outdoor space throughout the year and for years to come!


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